Flaking and Peeling


Pieces of the dried paint film peel or flake off of the vehicle.

For one reason or another, delamination has occurred. The dried paint film is no longer adhering to the substrate, causing it to pull away in strips or flakes.

There are several causes of flaking and peeling of dried paint materials. They are:

  • Improper surface preparation: Proper surface preparation is critical in automotive refinish. A dried paint film is only as good as what lies beneath it. If the substrate is not properly abraded, or features surface irregularities and/or rust that are not addressed prior to the application of paint, delamination may very easily occur (sometimes immediately, other times after a lengthy period).
  • Insufficient film thickness: Paint that has been applied too sparingly has an eventual tendency to pull away from the substrate. Consistent and adequate film thickness is important.
  • Failure to follow application instructions: Adhesion may become an issue if specific application instructions are not followed. For instance, certain undercoats that have fully cured must be sanded before taking a topcoat, otherwise the second material will not adhere well to the first, creating the potential for delamination.

If the area in question is relatively small, remove flaking and peeling paint, sanding into the surrounding area, then reapply paint material as you would during a spot repair. Otherwise, sand the entire paint surface and reapply paint material, taking care to follow application instructions and build the material to a sufficient film thickness.


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