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  • Send one or more color digital images of your repainted vehicle complete, clean, and in show-ready condition
  • Photos should be high-resolution and jpg format
  • Be aware of background when shooting photos. People, houses, garages, pets, other cars, etc. can all be distracting and will reduce the impact of your photos.
  • Consider lighting when shooting your photos. Images taken in less-than-ideal lighting may not demonstrate the true quality of the paint job, and/or effect of different paint colors.
  • Shooting from angles often evokes a dynamic sense of “movement” in the photo
  • Ultimately, Kirker is looking for photos of your finished projects, however don’t hesitate to send before/after comparisons, or photos documenting different steps in the process.
  • Extra large files, or collections of multiple photos should be emailed directly to, or burned to disc and mailed to Kirker Automotive Finishes, “Attn: Show Your Colors,” 89 Taft Avenue, Newburgh, NY 12550


By submitting my photo(s), I am authorizing Kirker Automotive Finishes full rights to use this content for an indefinite period of time for any promotional, sales, marketing or technical support purposes, in print or online. I warrant that these unaltered photos depict only property that is mine, or that I have been commissioned to paint, and that I am at least 18 years of age.

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