Imperfections in the dried paint film characteristic of wrinkling, swelling or raising.

The solvents contained in refinish materials are sometimes so strong that they can penetrate the undercoat or previously applied material and physically “lift” certain components out of it. This lifting is what causes the imperfections in the finished dry paint film.

There are several reasons why a newly applied paint material may cause an undercoat or previously applied material to lift. They are:

  • Insufficient cure time: When a paint or clearcoat is applied to an undercoat or other material before that first material has had sufficient time to cure, lifting may occur.
  • Improper choice in reducer/thinner: Some reducers and lacquer thinners may be too strong for the undercoat they are being applied to, and will attack the previously applied material causing it to lift.

Allow paint film to cure completely, then sand out any imperfections and reapply material.


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