Seedy Material

Seedy materials appear dirty, or grainy, and may have specs or traces of what looks like dirt spread throughout the dry paint film.

There are several causes of seedy paint materials. They are:

  • Failure to remove contaminants: At some point between the production process at the factory and the application of the paint, materials may become contaminated with a foreign substance. It is important to properly strain all paint materials before application.
  • Materials exceed shelf life: At some point, paints that have sat untouched for extended periods may eventually “go bad,” or turn seedy, though this usually does not occur until many years after the material is actually produced. This degradation of the material over time may be sped up with prolonged exposure to extreme heat and or/moisture levels.
  • Materials exceed pot life: Once mixed, paint materials have a limited “pot life,” after which they begin to harden. Use of material after the manufacturer’s specified pot life may result in a seedy or grainy appearance in the finished paint film.
  • Mixing incompatible materials: Some types of paint and related materials are not designed to work together and may in fact “kick out” or turn seedy when mixed together.

If paint is still wet, remove with solvent, properly prepare the surface and reapply the properly strained paint material. If paint film has dried and seedy imperfections are extensive, sand the entire surface and reapply the properly strained material.


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