Metallic Control Additive / Basecoat Converter

UA-2400 is a combination Effect Additive and Basecoat Converter designed for use with Kirker’s ULTRA-GLO urethane color system. ULTRA-LOCK significantly improves sprayability and ease-of-use, while converting Kirker’s single-stage urethanes into fast-drying, low-gloss, basecoat-like finishes. Anti-Mottle Technology stabilizes metallics and pearls, locking these effect pigments in place for an even, streak-free finish.

Mixing ULTRA-LOCK into the ULTRA-GLO system 3:1:1 yields five quarts of sprayable material. This system combines all of the same ease-of-use benefits of traditional basecoats with the superior adhesion, durability, chip resistance and other performance properties of today’s most advanced single-stage urethane topcoats. Keep in mind, once ULTRA-LOCK is integrated into the system, the urethane topcoat will no longer be suitable for use in a single-stage application; it will require a separate clear coat for exterior durability. Any of Kirker’s Urethane Clears may be used for this purpose.

  • LOCKS FLAKES AND PEARLS IN PLACE for less mottling
  • IMPROVES ATOMIZATION for superior sprayability
  • INCREASES FLOP CONTROL for better alignment of metal flake
  • REDUCES SENSITIVITY TO CONDITIONS for greater consistency
  • INCREASES SUSPENSION for fewer runs and sags
  • REDUCES TACK for less dust and particle pickup in the wet film
  • SPEEDS OUT OF DUST TIME for fewer nibs and surface defects
  • REDUCES TAPE TIME for faster two-tones and multi-color graphics
  • CUTS FLASH TIME for faster throughput and increased productivity
  • REDUCES SYSTEM VOC for better shop compliance
  • IMPROVES REPAIRABILITY for increased ease-of-use
  • BOOSTS FILM STRENGTH for superior surface integrity

See product Technical Data Sheet for more detailed information as well as directions for use (PDF).

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